Quantum Mind 2007
Salzburg, Austria

17th July – 20th July 2007








Tuesday, 17th July 2007

10.15                     Opening addresses
                               Alois Lametschwandtner, Chair Dept Org Biology
                               Gustav Bernroider, Günther Bernatzky

11.15-12.15         Keynote

                               Stuart Hameroff

                               Schrödinger’s proteins:how quantum biology can explain consciousness




13.00-17.45         Plenary 1
                               (Chair: Jack Tuszynski )
                                                Audi Max


13.00-13.45            A.Elitzur
Why Quantum Mind to begin with? A Proof for the incompleteness of the physical account of Behavior

13.45-14.30            Henry Stapp
                               Whiteheadian quantum ontology: the emergence of participating conscious

                               observers from an unconscious physical quantum universe.




continued             (Chair: Frank Echenhofer)


15.00-15.45            Lothar Schäfer
                               Aspects of cosmic consciousness in the non-material and non-empirical forms of physical reality.

15.45-16.30            Marshall Stoneham

                               Quantum ideas and biological reality: the warm quantum computer ?







17.00 – 19.00      Poster session     (see poster-presentations)


19.00                     Get Together Party, Mensa            







                                Poster Presentations                                                                       Main Hall



P01                          Marcus Abundis

                                A Model of Human Consciousness (Global Cultural Evolution)

P02                          Valentin Ageyev

                                Quantum spaces of human thinking

P03                          cancelled

P04                          Gerard Blommestijn

                                Consciously 'chosen' Quantum Design

P05                          Michael Cloud, Sisir Roy & Jim Olds

                                Two Gedankens, One Answer; Cloudy weather on the Mind/Body Front

P06                          Erik Douglas

                                Reassessing the Relationship between Time and Consciousness

P07                          Veronique Elefant-Yanni, Maria-Pia Victoria Feser & Susanne Kaiser  

                                The Affect is all at once cognition, motivation and behaviour

P08                          Roman Fuchs & Gustav Bernroider

                                The sum over history interpretation of neural signals applied to orientation sensitive cortical maps.

P09                          Johann Ge Moll
Consciousness as a black hole.
Perceptory cell and dissociated quantum.

P10                          Catarina Geoghan

                                The enhanced perceptual state

P11                          Sanjay Ghosh & Papia Ghosh    

                                Reveals the core secret of mind and it’s mechanism

P12                          Peter Hudoba & Zhi Gang Sha 

                                Soul mind body medicine: a complete soul healing system using the power of soul

P13                          Alex Kaivarainen

                                Unified Theory of Bivacuum, the Matter, Fields & Time. New Fundamental Bivacuum - Mediated Interaction and Paranormal Phenomena.

P14                          Iwama Kenzo

                                Sequences of combinations of energy levels that describe instances of self and invoke a current instance of self

P15                          Mohammadreza (Shahram) Khoshbin-e-Khoshnazar

                                Why I’m not an "Orch Or"ian?

P16                          Sean Lee

                                An Operational Treatment of Mind as Physical Information: Conceptual Analogies with Quantum Mechanics

P17                          Reza Maleeh, Afshin Shafiee & Mariano Bianca  

                                How Quantum Entanglement Provides Evidence for the Existence of Phenomenal Consciousness

P18                          Marty Monteiro

                                Model of Mind & Matter: The Second Person

P19                          Gloria Nobili & Teodorani Massimo    

                                Spreading culture on quantum entanglement and consciousness

P20                          Scott Olsen

                                The Golden Section: Nature's Greatest Secret

P21                          Mojtaba Omid

                                Proving the digitalizing the manner of data reserve and recreating the memory in brain and the experimental witnesses suggesting it

P22                          Jean Ratte

                                Embryological embodiment of protopsychism and Wave Function

P23                          Michael Shatnev

                                Life and Consciousness

P24                          Josiah Shindi

                                Visions as special form of altered state of consciousness

P25                          Malini Shukla & Jaison A. Manjaly

                                Metacognitive awareness: adopting new tasks for the remediation program for dyslexics

P26                          cancelled  

 P27                          Meera Mary Sunny & Jaison A. Manjaly

                                Does attention mediate the apparent continuity of Consciousness? : A change detection Perspective

P28                          Yoshi Tamori & Noriyuki Tomita

                                Implicit activities in auditory magnetoencephalograpy (MEG)

P29                          Massimo Teodorani & Gloria Nobili

                                Anomalaous light phenomena vs. bioelectric brain activity

P30                          Ximena Velásquez, Edgar Emir Gonzalez & John Forero

                                Quantum brain or classic brain, a review

P31                          Ram Lakhan Pandey Vimal

                                Proto-experiences and Subjective Experiences

P32                          Serge Volovyk

                                Disorders of consciousness in schizophrenia: a reverse look at consciousness’ nature

P33                          John Yates

                                New quantum approach to qualia, consciousness and the brain.






Wednesday, 18th July 2007



8.45-12.15            Plenary 2:                                                                                                          Audi Max

                               Quantum Realizations – Quantum Biology
                               (Chair: Stuart Hameroff) 

8.45-9.30                        Nancy Woolf,     

                               Neuropharmacology, neurotransmitters, and quantum level interactions.

9.30-10.15                     Jack Tuszynski, Avner Priel and Horacio F. Cantiello,

                               Electrodynamic signaling by the dendritic cytoskeleton: towards an intracellular information processing model.




continued             (Chair: Marshall Stoneham)


10.45-11.30                Luca Turin,

                               Why is consciousness soluble in chloroform ?

11.30-12.15            Paavo Pylkkänen
                               Quantum jumps and explanatory gaps.

12.15-13.00         Lunch



13.00-15.05         Concurrent 1a :                                                                 Blue Lecture Room (402)

                               Quantum Ontology I
                                (Chair: Paavo Pylkkänen)


13.00-13.25                  Donald Mender,

                               The subject of Physics.

13.25-13.50                  Koen Stroeken,

                               Why meaning is the harder matter: a Boh(e)mian anthropology

13.50-14.15                  Thomas Schumann,

                               Quantum theory, the dream metaphor and meta-brain model

14.15-14.40                  George Weissmann,

                               Towards a quantum paradigm: an integrated view of matter and mind

14.40-15.05                  Richard Shoup

                               Causality, randomness and free will.              



13.00-15.30         Concurrents 1b:                                                                Green Lecture Hall (403)


                                Wavefunction Collapse and Quantum Mind Theories
                               (Chair: Lothar Schäfer)                  


13.00-13.25                  Imants Baruss,

                               Characteristics of consciousness in collapse-type quantum mind theories

13.25-13.50                  Michael Steiner, Uzi Awret, R.W. Rendell and Sisir Roy,

                               Fundamental biological quantum measurement processes.

13.50-14.15                  Andrei Khrennikov,

                               Consciousness as a quantum-like representation of classical consciousness.

14.15-14.40                  Peter Jedlicka,

                               Quantum stochasticity and neuronal computations

14.40-15.05            Jonathan Edwards
                               Consciousness as access to active information: progression, rather than collapse of the quantum subject.

15.05-15.30         Carpenter RHS, Andrew J Anderson

                               The death of Schrödinger’s cat and of consciousness-based quantum
                               wave-function collapse



16.00-18.05         Concurrents 2a                                                                 Blue Lecture Room (402)

                                Quantum Ontology II
                               (Chair: Luca Turin)


16.00-16.25            Travis Craddock and Jack A. Tuszynski

                               Examining the effect of physiological temperature on the dynamics of microtubules.

16.25-16.50                James Beichler

                               A four dimensional hologram called consciousness.

16.50-17.15                Francis Schwanauer

                               Overlap with the ‘different’ qua

17.15-17.40            James Nystrom,

                               Teleological mechanism for the simulation argument

[17.40-18.05]         Shannon Foskett,

                               Differentials of deep consciousness: Deleuze, Bohm and virtual ontology.




16.00-18.05         Concurrents 2b                                                                  Green Lecture Room (403)

                               Time and non-locality
                               (Chair: Harald Atmannspacher)


16.00-16.25                  Georg Franck and Harald Atmannspacher

                               Intensity of awareness and duration of nowness.

16.25-16.50                  Robert Boyd and Adrian Klein

                               Toward a new subquantum integration approach to sentient.

16.50-17.15            Anastasia Gurbunova and Samuel Levin

                               Time reversal effects in visual word recognition.

[17.40-18.05]         Sisir Roy

                               Dynamic geometry, Bayesian approach to Brain function and computability

[18.05-18.30]         Ken Mogi
                               The origin of non-locality in consciousness.





                               20.00 Reception in the City of Salzburg (Residenz-Gebäude)

                                (formal dress)




Thursday, 19th July



8.45-12.0                     Plenary 3:                                                                                                                          Audi Max

                               Quantum Concepts in Neural Signaling
                               (Chair: Nancy Woolf)


8.45-9.30                        Karl Pribram

                               Minding quanta and cosmology

9.30-10.15                     James Olds

                               The neuron: no longer the atom of neural computation




 Continued           (Chair: Karl Pribram)


10.30-11.15                  Menas Kafatos, S.Roy, KH Yang and R.Ceballos

                               Quantum mechanical implications for the mind-body issues

11.15-12.00            Gustav Bernroider and Johann Summhammer
                               The role of quantum cooperativity in neural signaling






13.00-16.30            Plenary 4:                                                                                                                          Audi Max

                               Brain dynamics and oscillations
                               (Chair: James Olds)


13.00-13.45                  Giuseppe Vitiello and Walter J. Freeman

                               Dissipative many-body dynamics of the brain

13.45-14.30                Daniel Sheehan

                               Experiments in retrocausation




Continued            (Chair: Stuart Hameroff)


15.00-15.45            Frank Echenhofer

                               EEG gamma coherence changes and spiritual experiences during Ayahuasca.

15.45-16.30            Francoise Lepine
                               Principles of quantum Buddhism.




16.30-19.00         Concurrents 3a:                                                                Blue Lecture Room (402)

                                Fields, waves and synchrony

                               (Chair: Giuseppe Vitiello, Menas Kafatos)


16.30-16.55                  Michael Lipkind

                               Memory and time:spatial-temporal organization of episodic memory analyzed from a molecular level perspective.

16.55-17.20                  Russel Hebert, Rachel Goodman, Fred Travis and Alarik Arenander

                               A steady state EEG phase synchrony model of consciousness: insights

                               from transcendent meditation practice.

17.20-17.45                  Patrick Heelan

                               The role of consciousness as universal (classical) and contextual (quantum)
                               meaning maker 

17.45-18.10                  Alberto Faro and Daniela Giordano

                               Mind backward paths: from axons to dendrites passing through quantum memories

18.10-18.35                  Anatoly Goldstein
Modeling consciousness in complex spacetime using methodology of quantum
and classical physics.

18.35-19.00            Alexey Alyushin

                               Moire’ wave patterns as the brains own language.






16.30-19.00         Concurrents 3b:                                                 Green Lecture Room (403)

                                Entanglement and experiments
                               (Chair: Paola Zizzi, Stephen Whitmarsh)


16.30-16.55                James Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak

                               Consciousness, coherence and quantum entanglement
16.55-17.20            Massimo Pregnolato and Paola Zizzi
                               Human biocatalysis and human entanglement: how to fill the gap between quantum and social sciences.

17.20-17.45                Reinhard Blutner

                               Combining prototypes: quantal macrostates and entanglement

17.45-18.10                Huping Hu and Maoxin Wu

                               Experimental approach to quantum brain: evidence of nonlocal neural,

                               chemical, thermal and gravitational effects.

18.10-18.35                Rita Pizzi, D. Rosetti, G.Cino and AL Vescovi

                               Neurons react to ultraweak electromagnetic fields

[18.35-19.00]         Arkady Plotnitsky

                               The minds image of the world, the classical physics of motion and the

                               quantum physics of the brain          



 20.00                     Banquet (formal dress)
                               (bus departs from Hotel Castellani and from the Congress building)





Friday, 20th July


8.45-12.00            Plenary 5:                                                                                   Audi Max


                               Experiments with consciousness
                               (Chair: Imants Baruss)


8.45-9.30                        Stephen Whitmarsh and Dick Bierman

                               Schrödinger’s cat: empirical research into the radical subjective solution

                               of the measurement problem.

9.30-10.15                     Paola Zizzi

                               The truth-observable: a link between logic and the unconscious




continued             (Chair: Avshalom Elitzur)


10.45-11.30            Jeff Tollaksen, Yakir Aharonov and Sandu Popescu
                               A new model of time and consciousness: each moment of time is a new

11.30-12.15                Richard Healey

                               Do quantum phenomena provide objective evidence for consciousness ?






13.00-15.30          Concurrents 4a:                                                                Blue Lecture Room (402)


                               Whitehead, process philosophy and the quantum brain

                               (Chair: Henry Stapp, Gernot Falkner)


13.00-13.25                  Spyridon Koutroufinis

                               Process philosophy and mental quantum events.

13.25-13.50                  Franz Riffert

                               Whitehead’s tri-modal theory of perception in the light of empirical research

13.50-14.15                  Gernot Falkner, Kristjan Plaetzer and Renate Falkner

                               Does microbial information processing by interconnected adaptive events

                               reflect a premental cognitive capacity?

14.15-14.40                  Peter Ells

                               Existence and consciousness

14.40-15.05                  Jaison A Manjaly

                               Why panpsychism falls into dualistic metaphysical framework.

15.05-15.30                  Wolfgang Baer

                               Identifying the interaction between the quantum and classical world as the blue

                               print for conscious activity in cognitive vision systems.          





 13.00-14.40         Concurrents 4b:                                                Green Lecture Room (403)


                               Cosmology and Consciousness I

                               (Chair: Maurice Goodman, Mary Fries)


13.00-13.25            R.W. Boyer

                               The big condensation – not the big bang.

13.25-13.50                Uzi Awret

                               What could possibly count as a physical explanation of consciousness?

                               The view from the inside and the Bekenstein bound.

13.50-14.15                Laura Weed
      Spinoza, Leibniz and quantum cosmology

14.15-14.40                Bernd Binder

                               A general quantum-gravitational scaling strategy connecting different dimensional fluxes




15.45-19.00         Concurrents 5a:                

                               Computations and quantum-models

                               (Chair: Ken Mogi, Helmut Mayer)


15.45-16.10                James Beran

                               Disambiguation in conscious cavities

16.10-16.35                Maurits Van den Noort, Peggy Bosch and Kenneth Hugdahl

                               Quantum information theory and the human brain: the special role

                               for human unconscious information processing.

16.35-17.0                   David Scharf

                               Neural correlates and advanced physics

17.00-17.25                Dagene Song

                               Can a computer have a mind? non-computability of consciousness

17.25-17.50                Tarik Hadzibeganovic and Chu Kiong Loo

                               Neuro-quantum associative memory for letter-strings and faces

17.50-18.15            Attila Grandpierre
                               Integral aspects of the action principle in biology and psychology: the

                                ultimate physical roots of consciousness beyond the quantum level.

18.15-18.40            Alfredo Pereira Jr and Roberson S.Polli

                               Entropy reversal and quantum-like coherence in the brain.

18.40-19.05            Loo Chu Kiong and Mitja Perus

                               Cortical based model of object recognition: quantum Hebbian processing

                               with neurally shaped Gabor wavelets.




15.00-16.15         Concurrent 5b                                                    Green Lecture Room (403)

                               Cosmology and Consciousness II
                               (Chair: Gustav Bernroider, Stuart Hameroff)

15.00-15.25            Mary Fries

                               Overcoming discontinuity and dualism in modern cosmology

15.25-15.50            Imre Andras Török and Vincze Gabor

                               Gravity minds ? Parallels between the basic characters of consciousness

                               and gravity.

15.50-16.15            Maurice Goodman

                               Quantum mechanics, cosmology, biology and the seat of consciousness.





Closure – Fairwell