Quantum Mind

17th-20th July

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Nature, Arts & Science

The mechanism by which the brain produces or allows for conscious experience remain enigmatic, causing scientists and philosophers to look to quantum mechanics and quantum field theories to help explain the mystery.

Along these lines, the third in a series of quadrennial conferences on quantum approaches to consciousness - Quantum Mind 2007 - will be held during July 17-21 .2007 at the University of Salzburg, Austria

Conference themes will include

Biological signaling at the Quantum Scale
(molecular dynamics, quantum superpositions and entanglement)
Classical - Quantum Correspondence
Gamma Synchrony Coherence - is it a quantum effect ?
Time and Retro-Causation
Quantum Logics in the Brain
Pan-Protopsychism and Quantum Reality
Neuropharmacology and Quantum Mechanics
Cosmology and Consciousness


Symposium Chairmen
Gustav Bernroider, Univ.Salzburg

Stuart Hameroff, Univ.Arizona

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The Quantum Mind 2007 symposium  is preceeding the conference
Toward a Science of Consciousness, 2007, July 23-26, in Budapest, Hungary
so that both highly promissing events can be attended easily