Quantum Mind

17th-20th July

 Nature, Arts & Science

in cooperation

Nature, Arts & Science

Information for Presenters

      oral concurrents have 20 min talk + 5 min discussion
      plenaries have 40 min talk + 5 min discussion
      there is a poster session (format 90x140 cm)

     talks do normaly provide a digital show (eg powerpoint) that is
submitted to the reg desc during registration and at least one day
before the session comes up
these ‚shows’ will be uploaded to the computer serving the room
where the talk is given –
data can be provided by DVD, CD or USB key
- on the speakers computer screen the personal show is visible on the
desctop under the name of the person
(non MS window compatible shows should be a ‚run or present version’)

there are of course also overhead transparancy projectors
 and the black board

if absolutely necessary personal lab-tops can be connected to the projector as well- only in the Audi-Max (plenaries) we have microphones – for other lecture rooms this is not really necessary

      AV: we can serve VHS, DVD videos during presentations
 (EU PAL format)

       all rooms have internet access for web connections during the presentation
there are always 2 persons from our staff present during the session to help in any kind of problem

      Chairmen can meet on the first Monday, time to be announced

Symposium Chairmen
Gustav Bernroider, Univ.Salzburg

Stuart Hameroff, Univ.Arizona

Congress Committees

plenary presentations


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The Quantum Mind 2007 symposium  is preceeding the conference
Toward a Science of Consciousness, 2007, July 23-26, in Budapest, Hungary
so that both highly promissing events can be attended easily