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S E M I N A R   S Y L L A B U S

Jazz and American Popular Music at Home and Abroad

"Like Chaucer's poetry, which virtually begins the process of codifying the English language as a medium for sophisticated versification, [Louis] Armstrong's Hot Fives and Hot Sevens provide a wide launching pad from which the history of the art of jazz takes flight."
Robert O'Meally, liner notes to the 4-CD set of Louis Armstrong´s The Complete Hot Five & Seven
(Sony/Columbia; ASIN: B00004WK37 August 2000)

"You can't play nothing on modern trumpet that doesn't come from him, not even modern shit. I can't even remember
      a time when he sounded bad playing the trumpet. Never. Not even one time. He had great feeling up in his playing and he always played on the beat. I just loved the way he played and sang."
  Miles Davis über Louis Armstrong

"My basic assumption is that black music is not only conspicuous within but crucial to, black culture. It has often been asserted that music--its place in society and its forms and functions--reflects the general character of the society. It has, however, rarely been suggested that music is potentially a basis for social structure. Yet I contend that music is not only a reflection of the values of black culture but, to some extent, the basis upon which it is built. This places on the importance of musical expression a stress alien to the tradition of Western cultures. Music in Western societies is thought of, in general terms, as either popular (low-brow, vulgar) or classical (exalted or art music). The popular music is then dismissed as inconsequential, while the art music is elevated above the realm of everyday activity. Western theory tends to detach art from life, just as Western man tends to detach himself from both art and life. In black American culture, popular music is the exalted music; it is art that is vulgar in that it is the creation, responsibility, and property of the total community. In this sense, music begins to emerge as a potential foundation for social activity."
Ben Sidran, Introduction, Black Talk

                   "What we play is life." Louis Armstrong

WWOZ-FM Live Radio from New Orleans

Oct  12 Introduction

What is Jazz? Four lectures by Dr. Billy Taylor at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C

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The History of Jazz Music

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Blues and Jazz Discography Link Page

Louis Armstrong Centennial Celebration

Oct 19 What Is a A Social History of Jazz?

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Kansas City: Paris of the Plains

Nov  16 Jazz Capitals and "Race Mixture"

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Styles of Jazz

A Map of Jazz Styles by Joachim Berendt The Jazz Book and Joe Germuska

The Harlem Renaissance: A Portrait of Culture and Society

Jazz Styles

Die Stilarten des Jazz

Nov  23 The Sound of the 20th Century: At Home

History of Jazz Timeline from allaboutjazz

American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century (Kingwood College Library)

A Chronological Subject Guide ToAmerican Popular Music 1900-1950 (Kingwood College Library)

American Music from 1950 to Present (Kingwood College Library)

A Great Day in Harlem

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National Public Radio online: The 100 most important American musical works of the 20th century

Nov  30 The Sound of the 20th Century: Abroad

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City of Health--Colony of Homeless Children, January, 1961
Louis Armstrong in United Arab Republic
Unidentified photographer, Black and white photograph
Courtesy of Louis Armstrong Archive, Queens College, CUNY

Dec   7 Seminar Presentations

Dec 14 Seminar Presentations


Jan  11 Seminar Presentations

Jan  28 Seminar Presentations

Jan  25 Seminar Presentations

The following Jazz Oral History Project Interviews of the Smithsonian Institution are available in R. Wagnleitner´s office: Bill Coleman, Harry Sweets Edison, Erskine Hawkins, Jimmy McPartland, Cootie Williams and Kenny Clarke.

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Jazz Zeitschriften und Informationsdienste

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