The Logic of Causal and Probabilistic Reasoning in Uncertain Environments (LcpR)

LcpR is a network of collaborative research projects within the EUROCORES programme of the European Science Foundation (ESF).

It is part of the ESF programme Modelling Intelligent Interaction — Logic in the Humanities, Social and Computational Sciences (LogICCC).


Project leader Location Department
Probability logic & non-monotonic reasoning from an evolutionary perspective Gerhard Schurz Düsseldorf Philosophy
Causation, causal judgments, and causal reasoning Max Kistler Paris Philosophy
Conditional independence models Radim Jiroušek Prague Information Theory
Modeling human inference within the framework of probability logic Gernot Kleiter Salzburg Psychology
Counterfactual reasoning in children Josef Perner Salzburg Psychology
Thinking about counterfactual possibilities in middle-childhood Sarah Beck Birmingham Psychology
Probabilistic reasoning under coherence Angelo Gilio Rome Mathematics