In the winter term 2017/18 we offer following courses in the area of e-Learning and science education as well as related topics:


SE PhD thesis research seminar, Zumbach, SSt. 2

In this seminar, recent PhD theses will be presented and discussed. Following a formative evaluation purpose, the course should help to optimized diploma theses at several stages. Basic scientific competences will be deepened and enhanced.

SE Inquiry-based learning in Sciene, Zumbach, SSt. 2

Topics covered on the course include:

  • Introduction into empirical scientific research
  • Experimental design and study planning
  • Development of inquiry-based learning environments
  • Conducting studies
  • Data analysis
  • Scientific writing and publishing

SE Scientific Internship Quantitative Methods of Educational Research, Zumbach / Martinek SSt. 2

Students deepen their knowledge of quantitative methods concerning educational research and receive support in developing an attitude receptive to research. The essential steps of empirical research projects (conception, execution, evaluation and reporting) are addressed. During a method workshop, strategies of data collection and evaluation of respective research forms are enhanced and applied in project work.

VO Educational Technology, Zumbach, SSt. 2

This lecture introduces basic concepts of Instructional Design and its implications on e-Learning. Based upon the most typical course of Instructional Design the following topics will be emphasized:

  • Cognition and multimedia design
  • Motivation and e-Learning
  • Collaborative and cooperative Learning with the internet
  • Behaviorism, cognitivismus and instruction
  • Constructivism and instruction
  • Evaluation

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THESES (Diploma - Dissertation)

If you are interested in a theses in the area of e-Learning and Science Education related to any of these topics(or other areas of interest) contact Univ.-Prof. Dr. Joerg Zumbach.

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