SOPhiA 2017

Salzburgiense Concilium Omnibus Philosophis Analyticis

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Programme - Talk

A Thought Experiment about Demons
(Metaphysics and Ontology, English)

In this paper, I intend to propose a useful thought experiment to identify and separate the conditions under which an eternalistic, non-deterministic and non-fatalistic world could be (theoretically) known. Using well-known characters (Laplace's Demon and Newton's Demon), and introducing new ones (Laplace's Demon's Twin), I intend to challenge some relatively common associations. The most obvious of those is one relating some determinism or fatalism to the actual space-time picture of the world, inspired by Minkowski -- the eternalistic block-universe (Lockwood 2005, Shanks 1994). Another common idea is that to know something about the future implies a certain form of Fatalism or Determinism. The overall aim will be to show how those ideas can intelligibly be kept apart. In the course of this discussion, I hope to shed light on the relationship between this theories.

Chair: Petter Sandstad
Time: 15:10-15:40, 15 September 2017 (Friday)
Location: SR 1.003

Elton Marques 
(University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Master Degree in Philosophy of science. Today, course PHD in metaphysics of time at University of Lisbon. Student Member of Lancog group and of Center of Philosophy in the same University.

Testability and Meaning deco