SOPhiA 2021

Salzburgiense Concilium Omnibus Philosophis Analyticis

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Programm - Vortrag

The epistemology of Inquiry
(Epistemology, )

In recent decades, epistemology as a theory of knowledge has focussed increasingly on athletic domains in order to understand its central notions. For example, the game of archery has served as a useful model environment for unpacking the normative dimensions of beliefs, what it means for them to be justified or to amount to knowledge. And here the suggestion is that the normative dimension of knowledge or justified belief is an instance of a more general normative relation between performances and competence in a game like archery (Greco, 2010; Sosa, 2007, 2009, 2015, 2016; Wayne, 2009). Extending this project to inquiry-based epistemology seems even more natural since unlike epistemology as a theory of knowledge, where the target of epistemic evaluation is whether a belief amounts to knowledge or justified belief, the target of epistemic evaluation in inquiry-based epistemology is activities. And with respect to these activities, three questions have been of interest: what aim or goal are we after in these activities? What strategies help us in attaining our goals in these activities? And what intellectual competence or ability do we deploy in successfully attaining the relevant goal? (Hookway, 2006, p. 9). In this paper, I will be concerned primarily with the last two questions. And I will argue that by thinking of the problem-solving activity constitutive of inquiry as skilled performance like chess, we can derive a set of distinctive and empirically informed answers to these questions. The discussion is as follows. Section II presents and evaluates the extant proposals to the second and the third questions. And Section III draws on the empirical research of Adrian De Groot (2008) on thinking in Chess to provide alternative responses to those questions.

Chair: Simon Graf
Zeit: 17:30-18:00, 09. September 2021 (Donnerstag)
Ort: HS E.002
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Paul Irikefe
(Cardiff University, )

Testability and Meaning deco