SOPhiA 2021

Salzburgiense Concilium Omnibus Philosophis Analyticis

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Contact & Team

Please find here contact details and information about the organization committee. With the contact data you can reach the organization committee all year round. For questions to single members of the committee please find below more specific contact details.

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SOPhiA 2021 - The Organising Committee
Department of Philosophy (KGW)
University of Salzburg
Franziskanergasse 1 (Wallistrakt)
5020 Salzburg, Austria

Go upThe Programme Committee

Raimund Pils Raimund Pils
Chair of the programme committee
Tel.: +43-(0)662 8044 4073
E-Mail: raimund[DOT]pils[AT]sbg[DOT]ac[DOT]at

Christian J. Feldbacher Christian J. Feldbacher
Programme committee
Internet: Website
E-Mail: christian[DOT]feldbacher[AT]sbg[DOT]ac[DOT]at

Alexander Gebharter Alexander Gebharter
Programme committee
Internet: Website
E-Mail: alexander[DOT]gebharter[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Gregor Greslehner Gregor Greslehner
Programme committee
Internet: Website
E-Mail: gregor[DOT]greslehner[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Laurenz Hudetz Laurenz Hudetz
Programme committee
E-Mail: laurenz[DOT]hudetz[AT]sbg[DOT]ac[DOT]at

Sebastian Krempelmeier Sebastian Krempelmeier
programme committee
Internet: Website
E-Mail: sebastian[DOT]krempelmeier[AT]sbg[DOT]ac[DOT]at

Go upThe Local Organising Committee

Leonie Eichhorn Leonie Eichhorn
Chair of the local organising committee
E-Mail: leonie[DOT]eichhorn[AT]stud[DOT]sbg[DOT]ac[DOT]at

Stephen Müller Stephen Müller
Local organising committee
E-Mail: stephen[DOT]mueller[AT]stud[dot]sbg[DOT]ac[DOT]at

Silvana Pani Silvana Pani
Local organising committee
E-Mail: silvana[DOT]pani[AT]stud[DOT]sbg[DOT]ac[DOT]at

Sebastian Sattlecker Sebastian Sattlecker
Local organising committee
E-Mail: sebastian[DOT]sattlecker[AT]stud[DOT]sbg[DOT]ac[DOT]at